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We offer a comprehensive service for the buying, the restoring and the management of traditional houses in the medieval Fes Medina, Morocco. Our emphasis is on quality, cost and personal service.

A lovely image of taditional Morccan architecture in Fez. Showing lovely restored pillars, tiles and doorways.

We can help you through the process of buying a traditional Medina house.

  • Introduce you to local Estate Agents

  • Escort you on house viewings

  • Help you with Legal Processes

  • Assist you with local Banking

An image that shows one of our craftsmen at work, restoring one of our houses in Fez, Morocco.

Through our knowledge and experience of house restoration in the Fes Medina, and our established team of managers and craftsmen, we can provide you with a cost effective and quality restoration.

  • A bespoke service, ranging from advisory to full project management

  • Where applicable, we recommend traditional methods and materials

  • Plans, Drawings and Authorisations

  • Sourcing of all materials

  • Provide a team of craftsmen and an on-site manager

An image showing a peaceful and fully restored Moroccan Medina courtyard, in Fez.

We can offer you a tailor-made service to help manage your completed house whilst you are away from Fes, or whilst you are there.

  • Payment of Bills

  • Maintenance and Security

  • Regular House Cleaning

  • Long term rental and property management

  • Short term holiday and rental management

About Fez

Fes was created in the 8th century which makes it the oldest of the 4 Imperial Cities. It is widely recognized as the cultural and the spiritual capital of Morocco.The Fez Medina is the best preserved Medieval Medina in the world. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the worlds largest car-free zones. Today it still gives the impression of living largely in the centuries old traditions which have shaped it. It is still possible to buy a beautiful traditional Medina house for as little as 35,000 euros.